Dani Stromback

was born on the west coast of Finland and is currently living in Italy. He writes music for film, TV, advertising and other venues, and he also paints. He started playing the piano when he was five and went on to study music at the Sibelius Academy, and at Manne's College of Music in NY, where he studied film scoring and orchestration. His transcendent film score for Klaus Härö’s film Letters to Father Jacob, received the Nordic Film Music Award for best film music, as well as the Finnish Jussi Award 2010. 

He has done music for Kjell Sundvall’s  film “Vinnare och förlorare” (Horsing around),  Hanna Hemilä’s documentary “Paavo-A life in five courses”,  TV-series “Strömsö”, “Mark och Luther”, and a range of other programs, and is also active performing and working in studios. He has also worked as a concert technician for Steinway & Sons in New York and studied art in Brussels. Among the musicians he has worked with, are Jaki Graham, Janne Schaffer, Nordman, Lagaylia Frazier, Nils Landgren, Victoria Tolstoy, Lena Willemark, Noel Pointer, Chris Willis, Mike Estes, Willard Meeks, The Heritage Singers, Art Mapa, Maria Kalaniemi, Linda Lampenius…

Stromback's music has been called Soundtracks for Life. His music has opened doors into film and TV, but also into people's everyday lives;  for inspiration while painting, writing, for meditation, therapy, weddings, hospitals, sleepless nights, or when winding down after a stressful day.